2. お品書き
  3. Rarely parts of the southern island’s beef

Rarely parts of the southern island’s beef

2 types of Sakisima's specialty Japanese black beef steak

Specially Selected Sirloin steak
Specially Selected Rib roast steak

Born and raised on a warm southern island, A4 A5 grade Japanese black beef produces top-class beauty marbled beef and gentle taste in Japan.Please enjoy the rare part of the luxury black-haired Japanese beef that the South Island boasts.

※All prices including tax

3,800 YenThis part can be taken only 2 kg from just one cow.
Please enjoy the dreamlike meat that gently soft taste.
3,800 YenIt is a very rare part located inside the shoulder blades.
It tastes gently soft.
3,800 YenIt is the softest among chuck flap, with beautiful sashi.
It is characterized by an elegant taste that is very soft
and flavorful
3,800 YenPart of the shoulder rib, one third of the front of rib.
Please enjoy its beautiful sashi and sweet fat.
3,600 YenGrill the thinly sliced meat quickly, please enjoy with
the special ponzu that is our house-made.
8,100 YenThe highest level of Japanese Wagyu beef
It is characterized by the elegant taste that is very soft and less fat in the part where it is said that hardly moves.
7,800 YenOne of the best parts of cattle with fins, soft, fine and fine umami taste 
7,800 YenNext to sirloin. The part where the marbling is easy to enter at the thickest part. It contains moderate fat and has umami, and the meat quality is fine.
お品書き name
Rarely parts of the southern island’s beef
Because of the rare parts there is a case of out of stock.