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This is course dishes that we offers with confidence.
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6,400 YenIt is a course that is sure to satisfy you, where you can enjoy the best selection of 2 specially selected Sakishima beef.
9,000 YenThis is a full-fledged steak course that meets the demands of the popular lunch menu.
9,000 YenWe selected carefully high-quality parts that are soft and low in fat. This course is recommended for “adults” who want to enjoy eating the quality parts little by little.
16,500 YenThe highest part that can be taken only a little in one cow is used. This is a gourmet course where you can enjoy only the best of our specialties.
お品書き name
Course Menu
indication of the origin of the raw material
We use domestic rice (Ishigakijima-island and Ibaraki-pref.)