2. お品書き
  3. Ishigakiya recommended

Ishigakiya recommended

We offer a taste that can only be eaten here at Ishigakiya, including Excellent Sakishima beef ribs and Nigiri sushi with specially selected beef.
※All prices including tax

2,900 YenOur specialty Sakishima beef with our secret sauce.
Mouthfeeling is very soft and tastes sweetly.
We recommend to eat with wrapped in the green lettuce.
2,500 YenOkinawa’s luxury brand Agu Pork. We fully recommend to try the taste that much better than expected.
2,500 YenIt is the softest among chuck flap, with beautiful sashi. It is characterized by an elegant taste that is very soft and flavorful
1,650 YenA specially selected Japanese beef nigiri that brings out the full flavor of the meat by lightly roasting it.
1,200 YenIt is a luxury hamburger with the taste of Kuroge Wagyu beef.
1,200 YenIt is a very light and healthy taste.
お品書き name
Ishigakiya recommended
indication of the origin of the raw material
We use domestic rice (Ishigakijima-island and Ibaraki-pref.)
Indication of allergy ingredients
Our hamburgers use eggs, milk and wheat.